World weather average - all year

Dubai skyline

All year weather for Dubai

Beaches and city pulse in a desert climate! Heres the complete list month by month on avarage temperatures for Dubai.

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Golden Gate in San Francisco

All year weather for San Francisco

San Francisco - Golden gate, china town and Silicon Valley, to name a few. Awsome city! Check annual temperatures here.

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London Bridge

All year weather for London

England is one of those countries that is blessed with a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions - which is a polite way to say that you might experience several seasons in one day.

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Hot places in the world

Hottest places in the world

List: The 5 Hottest Places in the World! Could you manage?

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Hagia Sofia

All year weather for Istanbul

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey - but not its capital city. This is the place where you find the great Hagia Sofia.

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All year weather for Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its beaches, architectural design and the soccer team named Barcelona FC.

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Stockholm water front

All year weather for Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Beutiful summers and sometimes cold winters. And NO polar bears!

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All year weather for Sydney

Down under in Australia, Sydney is the biggest city - but not the capital city. Sydney have winters in the summer and summers in the winter (?!). Check it out!

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Cold places in the world

Coldest places in the world

List: Coldest Cities in the World!

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New York

All year weather for New York

The Big Apple is the biggest city in the U.S and it's known for its hot summers and chilly winters.

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